Weather in Cyprus

Cyprus is known as a great all-year holiday destination, with long hot summers and mild winters. As the largest island in the eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus has plenty of sunshine, even in winter, and boasts over 300 sunny days throughout the year. Spring is perhaps the most popular time to visit when the island is in full bloom, and the temperatures have not yet reached their peak.

Cyprus has a typical Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters. The islands’ proximity to southwest Asia makes it one of the hottest parts of the Mediterranean. During the summer, high pressure from North Africa keeps the temperatures high. From May to September, Cyprus consistently sees temperatures over 30c, with cloudless skies and virtually no rain. Cooling breezes make the high temperatures in the coastal resorts much more bearable, with the beaches ideal for sunbathing and watersports. Spring is a great time to visit, with lovely sunny days and temperatures averaging between 23c and 27c – a great time of year for sightseeing. The winters see milder weather, with pleasant temperatures, occasionally reaching lows of 17c, and a more changeable climate. Most of the rain in Cyprus falls between December and February, with the island averaging 40 days of rainfall each year.

With its diverse landscape, the island of Cyprus offers variation in its weather. The mountainous regions are covered with pine forests, with the highest elevations sometimes seeing snow in the winter. On average, temperatures in the higher resorts average about 10-15c lower than the coastal regions and enjoy a cooler, slightly wetter climate.

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